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A little about myself. I graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1976. I then graduated from the University Of Louisville School of Law in 1980. I began practicing law in Louisville at my current location immediately after that.


For the first fifteen years of my practice, while the majority of my practice was in the area of bankruptcy, I also practiced in other consumer areas of law including real estate, domestic relations, and criminal law. The last twenty years of my practice has been primarily in the area of representing consumers in Chapter 13 bankruptcies, Chapter 7 bankruptcies, and foreclosure defense. I still do some limited practice in consumer collection and foreclosure defense.


I have been a frequent lecturer on the topic of bankruptcy, speaking at the University of Louisville School of Law, the Louisville Bar Association, the Legal Aid Society, and

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I hope this website gives you the information you are looking for. If not, please feel free to call my office at 502-583-5023 or email me at attymarc@mhlevylaw.com. My staff and I look forward to being of whatever assistance we can in helping you through your bankruptcy or foreclosure matter.

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presenting at Continuing Legal Education programs. I am also on the Board of Directors for the Louisville Chapter of  Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) wherein attorneys go to local high schools and speak to high school seniors about the do's and don’ts of credit abuse. I have also been asked to speak in front of many real estate groups and other interest groups regarding bankruptcy, foreclosures, and fraud perpetrated on consumers.


If you decide to retain me as your attorney, I will be the only attorney responsible for your case.  Although I do have a support staff, you can expect that I will be the one working with you to determine which bankruptcy chapter would be best for you, and I will be with you at all court appearances that you are required to attend.

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