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When you call to make your initial appointment, we will ask you to bring with you all of your bills, including car statements, mortgage statements, tax bills from IRS, student loan statements, and any other bill or demand for money that you may be receiving. We will also ask you to bring with you your last two pay stubs from work or proof of your other income such as social security or military retirement. Finally, we will ask you to bring with you any foreclosures, garnishments or other state court actions that have been taken against you either currently or in the past.

We will not charge for your initial consultation

At our first meeting, I will review your documents and discuss with you what type of bankruptcy would be in your best interest. If I believe that there is some other alternative other than bankruptcy, I will also discuss that with you at that time. If you decide to employ me as your bankruptcy attorney, I will then give you another list of documents that you will need to bring with you at your next visit. At that time, you and I will prepare your Petition together. I will not give you a fifty page information packet to fill out and hand it to a secretary. You and I together will prepare your Bankruptcy Petition.


After your Petition is prepared, you will then do your credit counseling here in this office, we will not send you home to do your credit counseling on your own prior to the filing of your Petition. In most cases, before you leave the office, your bankruptcy Petition will be filed and you will have a Court date. I will go with you personally to what is called the “First Meeting of Creditors”. If you are filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy at that hearing, we advise the Court of the Chapter 13 Plan that you are proposing. The Court will then review your Plan and confirm your Plan if they so approve.


If you have filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 Trustee will review your Petition with both you and I and at that time, we will sign any reaffirmation agreements if you so desire to keep any vehicles or residences. In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you will be required to do a second credit counseling prior to receiving what is called your Chapter 7 discharge. You will normally receive your Chapter 7 discharge sixty days after our Court appearance. Upon receipt of your Chapter 7 discharge, all of your non-reaffirmed unsecured debts become uncollectable.


If you filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you will immediately begin making your Chapter 13 payments and when your payments are through, you will also be required to do a final credit counseling before your receive your Chapter 13 discharge.


If you are considering filing any type of bankruptcy, do not do the following. It will prevent you from being able to file a bankruptcy.

1.         Do not hide or give away any property.

2.         Do not transfer any property out of your name.

3.         Do not pay or give any friends or family members any money you may owe them.

4.         Do not pay Creditors more than they are due.

5.         Do not give new mortgages or security interest in lieu of paying off a debt.

6.         Do not charge up your credit cards or take out any type of new loan.


If you do any of the above, the Trustee has the authority in most cases to get back the money that you have paid or given people as well as voiding any transfers that you may have made. In some circumstances, taking the actions outlined above may void your bankruptcy completely or make it impossible for me to file a Petition on your behalf.

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